Joachim Nonn

was born 1963 in Duisburg. The „urban jungle“ of his childhood, the Ruhrgebiet, was characterized by limited horizons and nourished the wish to travel the world and expand his limits.




My fascination for photography began in early years. My teenage curiosity started a journey of exploration, that lasts until today. The yearly family holidays to the Blackwood Forest and the Alps supported my love for nature. Often I disappeared for hours on small trips accompanied by my first SLR camera, a gift from my parents.


My passion for photography and my demand for composition have developed ever since. Being an autodidact, a 30-year quest of trying began, always aiming at pushing my photography further. My wanderlust took me to countless locations all over the globe. During many travels I discovered my special relationship to the west of the USA.


Whilst being a patient observer, who can wait for hours at remote locations, I discovered the art of „learning by seeing“. Always searching for the perfect image, I´m coming back over again and again until the light and the external circumstances allow the envisioned shot. Since photography is a form of communication to me, I´m using a distinct process to create my shots: it always starts with a visual analysis, based on the question: „what raises my interest?“. The next sequential steps are the search for potential shots, the patient awaitening for the right moment and the technical realization of the shot.


Should my images help to make people more sensitive for the beauty and uniqueness of the world, I have reached my aim.